Friday, June 30, 2017

Mixed Media Tree- with Rust Paste and Plaster

I had an amazing time participating as a guest designer in Nathalie Kalbach's "Stroll Through Hood" challenge to celebrate the release of her new book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media.

Below is the video tutorial that now I'm able to release to the public after the challenge is done!

My prompt was Ground and as a guest designer I took a picture representing that prompt and made a project based on the picture. You can find it here below:
Isn't it beautiful. I just love this shot of the ground as if its alive!!!

When I took the picture of the ground for the challenge, I loved seeing everything around it., The intertwined roots, shrubs, leaves and dirt forming a beautiful organism around the tree, This lead me to imagine a beautiful textured tree with its roots sticking out of the ground. I imagined a tree waiting for spring, without any sprouted leaves. I loved creating this tree and using materials that made it look three dimensional. Looking at the earth around the roots and feeling how grounded it all looked, helped me come up with the perfect quote: "I am rooted to the ground”. This quote is very meaningful to me as I like feeling grounded just like the tree. I love feeling the earth protecting me. I truly love trees and I felt this prompt was perfect for how I felt!!

Here is the video tutorial below:

Here are some close-ups

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Nathalie Kalbach said...

Loved your tutorial Keren- thanks for being part of this !!!

Unknown said...

Amazing creation. I love the colors and the texture is wonderful!!