Friday, February 10, 2017

Love Art- Prima Marketing Love-filled project

Hi everyone,
I'm really happy to have a project up on the Prima blog. I haven't had one up there for a couple of years so this was a good way to reminisce on those days.

I was asked to create a Valentine’s day themed project for the Prima Blog but since I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day I thought I would create a “Love” themed project. Love should be celebrated each and every day. Our world today needs so much love that any human being that collaborates toward this feeling is helping the greater cause!.

To celebrate love, I thought I would create a project that depicts something I love and is dear to my heart: MIXED MEDIA ART
I’ve always loved anything art related but in the past few years I fell “in love” with Mixed Media. This piece represents just that. My love for mixed media and how I pour my heart and soul into it as it brings me so much joy.

I hope you love my creation just as much as I love it.
Sending love to each and everyone one of you. May we all be blessed with love and happiness always!!

Prima Products: 963385 Finnabair Mechanicals mini knobs, 891541 Junkyard Findings small typo bulbs, 892487 Shabby Chic Treasures swirls, 960391 Finnabair Vintage Trinkets bottle caps, 963361 Finnabair Mechanicals tin hearts, 963347 Finnabair mechanicals pocket watches, 963422 Finnabair Mechanicals rustic washers, 569945 Prima resin butterflies, 963705 Finnabair Art Extravagance mini-art stones, 963712 Finnabair Art Extravagance art stones, 961428 Finnabair Art Basics Soft Matte gel, 961374 Finnabair Art Basics white heavy gesso, 964076 Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique wax white gold, 964108 Finnabair Art Alchemy sparks ginger magic, 963576 Finnabair Art Extravagance rust paste, 961473 Finnabair Art Extravagance White texture sand, 963897 Finnabair Silicone brush, 588762 Color Bloom 2 Poppy Field, 588755 Color Bloom 2 Pot Marygold, 573836 Color Bloom tea stain, 580285 Color Bloom Ginger coral, 573737 Color Bloom Cotton Candy, 980443 Jamie Dougherty wings stencil, 963323 Finnabair Art Ingredient pebbles, 583545 Metals for wood plaque 8.

Other: Canvas heart frame, foam heart shape

Thanks for visiting my blog
Have a wonderful day!!



mamablitger said...

Keren this is an awesome heart... It is just perfect for Valentine. I am crazy about the wings you added, and the texture is stunning... The colors are gorgeous !!! You are so talented. I always enjoy so much to visit your blog and admire your creative art. It really speaks to me.
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs from Monica

Unknown said...

Hi Keren,
I love, love your creation! The colors you've used, the texture- all is perfect! Lemon Creation