Monday, September 14, 2015

Tree of Light-- from the "Tree of LIfe" series

This art piece is a large Tree canvas I created as one of my "Tree of Life" canvas series.
Recently I've been creating these mixed media tree canvases. I love trees as I find then strong and majestic yet vulnerable and kind.  I especially love creating 3D trees. The other two trees I created: "Tree of Love and Tree of Life" I'm using to teach as part of my art classes. I'm teaching this technique in my classes this fall.
However this tree, The "Tree of Light" is too complicated to teach in a class. Although the tree technique is the same, the background took too many layers and so I decided to just keep this beauty out of the class schedule.
 I really like how this tree came out. It looks like hand to me or like a human being. I just love how the branches twist around each other.

I can't really share how I created the tree as I'm teaching these classes in the fall. However the background has many textured layers which I had to continue to do until I was happy with the results.

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This Canvas is for sale. It measures 12"x24". If you're interested in purchasing this original art piece please PM me at

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Suzan Dorchik said...

Absolutely stunning!!!!!!

Deena said...

The tree as you say looks like a hand. My first throught was mother nature reaching for the sun to give life. Such an amazing piece of art.

mamablitger said...

Hi Keren... You keep on to amaze me. This tree you created is AMAZING ! You have achieved such a realistic look. It looks like a genuine tree. Waw... You are so talented. Now I'll wonder how you created all these layers and how you made the branches . And the stunning background....
Even though you cant share the technique I wanted to tell you that your art impresses me and makes me feel inspired. You are so talented.
We are so happy that artists like you do share so many lovely pieces af art on your blog.
Sending hugs from Spain... Monica