Monday, November 24, 2014

Joy to the World- 12 Days of Christmas Cards- Prima

Here is another card I create for the 12 Days of Christmas Cards contest for Prima using Pinwheel Stencils and Color Bloom sprays.

I designed this card using the pinwheel stencil recycled packaging for its shape. I covered all sides of the packaging with papers from the Special delivery collection. This card is multi-functional as it can be given as a card and/or hung as an ornament on your tree. The stencil's packaging has the perfect shape to create this multi-faceted card

Here are the steps on how I created the large canvas flower using two Pinwheel stencils and two Color Bloom sprays:

Step 1: Spray two different sizes of Prima's Bethany canvas petal leaves with color bloom sprays: Golf Foil and Antique gold. Let them dry.
Step 2: Using two different sizes of Pinwheel Flower Stencils create a leaf pattern on each of the canvas petals using Finnabair Art Extravaganza- Gold Crackle paste. 
Step 3: While paste is still wet, sprinkle some Finnabair Art Ingredients fine gold glitter on the petals. Let them dry.
Step 4: Canvas petals will curl while drying so you don't need to shape them. If needed trim them around the stencilled area.
Step 5: glue the corner of each petal together to create two different sized flowers.
Step 6: Layer both flowers on top of each other. Then add an embellishment in the centre and you're done!!

578428- Bethany Topiary
578435- Bethany Foliage
578268- Providence Clove
961558- Finnabair Art Extravaganza Texture paste gold crackle
961596- Finnabair Art Ingredients glitter set luminous
573805- Color Bloom Gold Foil
573843- Color Bloom Antique gold
541781- Jack and Jill alphabet
961428- Finnabair Art basics soft matte gel
575991- Pinwheel stencil 7" petal
575977- Pinwheel stencil 5" petal
577025- Lace trim almond
577995- Bunch O' bows
891084- Fluid chalk edger branch bark
846039- Special delivery checking it twice
846022- Special delivery father christmas
570545- Holiday Jubilee brads
565169- Sunrise sunset collection
562984- Sunrise sunset alphabet stickers
551100- Antique mirrors
558451- Soiree copper
892425- Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic treasures door locks


Hope you get a chance to play with Prima and create some holiday cards!!
Enjoy your holidays!!


Lizzyc said...

This is beautiful!

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

Fabulous! Love the earthy tones.