Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mixed Media Classes in Puerto Rico

I was recently away and had the pleasure of teaching 3 Mixed Media classes at The Scrapbook Store in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

It was so amazing to meet many fabulous ladies!.
I had such an amazing time that I would go back to teach there in a heart beat. A Big thanks goes to Yamille Fernandez for hosting me at her store!!

Here are some pictures of all the wonderful ladies who took part in my classes.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came!!


Lizzyc said...

That would have been amazing, I am sure you were inspiring to all the ladies! The hoots look wonderful!

Ava Gavloski said...

wonderful opportunity.... I am sure you connected with the ladies and made wonderful new friends

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

Lovely pictures Keren! You look so beautiful! :)

Ella Swan said...

Looks like a fun time & lovely teachable pages. Did I see a double in there?!?