Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well lately there are so many giveaways and contests that I can't keep up!

I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to announce Winners of my giveaway and to list other giveaways around Scrappy land


I had all but good intentions on splitting the giveaway into 6 however I really wanted to give it away faster because I'm impatient. So I decided to draw my first winner and they can choose 1 out of the 6 prizes. Then I will redo the giveaway and add more things and make a new exciting one. Stay tune for next week!!

I would also like to thank everyone who left me beautiful messages  on my giveaway post and I also want to thank everyone who continues to give me unconditional support on this journey.

Now for the winner:

I asked my son to give me a number from 1-53 because I don't have patience for random org. The number he chose is #39

The winner of my Giveaway is:

Julie E.

Yay Julie Congrats!! please email me your address and which of the 6 prizes you want? my email is

Now for the Creative Scrappers Blog Hop
I will draw 2 winners for this one

Winner #1: is #6 Karen Martins
You are the winner of Creating With Sketches e-book by Kristine Davidson.

Winner #2 is #42 Amy Voorthuis
You are the winner of my RAK

Both Karen and Amy please contact me with your info at

***All Winners have a week from today to contact me***

Now for my friends' and colleagues' Giveaways:

5. Nadia Cannizzo

6. ScrapFriends

7. Julie E.
She's having a giveaway an Giving away $25 Dollars to a retail store of your choice!!
How Cool is that
Check out her blog here

Linda has 2 giveaway's going on... end's @ the end of September

9. Sarah-R

If I've forgotten somebody's giveaway please email me as I've been browsing so many blogs my head is spinning!

In this giveaway you don't actually get a prize but you get to GIVEAWAY some of your stash to an amazing cause

I recently stumbled upon an amazing blog (thanks for my good friend Helen). Diana, who lives in Jamaica started an outreach Scrapbooking program to help young girls express themselves through scrapbooking.

Who knew that SCRAPBOOKING can really MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?


READ WHAT DIANA HAS TO SAYHi, I'm Diana, formerly a "lonely scrapbooker" from Jamaica, but now I'm "scrapbooking from the heart"--following my passion and spreading the scrapbooking love here in Jamaica.   One of the ways I feed my passion and spread the love is through "outreach scrapbooking" where I scrapbook with tween and teen girls who are living in girls' homes. They are in state custody and have been removed from their homes for their safety because they have been abused or have suffered some type of trauma.

  I go with a couple of other scrapbookers, take photos of the girls, print them on the spot and we do scrapbook pages with positive messages. I take all the tools and supplies. All of the supplies are my own that I am no longer using, or are donated by other scrapbookers.  I am now collecting any and all supplies and tools that anyone is willing to mail to me in Jamaica. If you mark the package "used craft supplies" I shouldn't get charged any customs duty.

 I have quite a bit of paper, and 12x12 paper is expensive and heavy to mail, so if you have alphabets (half-used packs are fine), and embellishments of all sorts (out of fashion, partially used packs), you can stick them in a regular large letter sized envelope, and I will use them with the girls. Any and everything will be greatly appreciated and used up with lots of love. 

 I blogged about my outreach scrapbooking recently here and also answered some of Helen's own questions about it here. The first post also has links to the origins of this whole project. I also post links about outreach scrapbooking and scrapbooking in general on my facebook page

Please email me at if you would like to send me stuff so I can send you my mailing address and also if you have any more questions.


I encourage you to gather up some leftover embellishments and send them in a small packet to Jamaica. I ended up collecting 4 Packets and will send them on Monday

I hope this post was not too long and it enlightened you to Give from the Heart 

Have a fantastic day!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats to all the winners!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

There is so much happening in the scrap world it is hard to keep up sometimes.. that scrapbooking from the heart sounds like a great thing to do... I have it on my list to get a package or so many as I can to her!!

Lizzy Hill said...

That's quite a bit of 'housekeeping' you got into one blog, Keren...well done!!! All those piccies made me start to drool:):):) Congrat's to your winners:):):)

Эльби said...

А счастье было так рядом:)

Lynn said...

Congrats to all the winners!! So many prizes! WOW. Thank you so much for highlighting Scrapbooking from the heart. What a beautiful cause. We know from our own experiences how scrapbooking has helped us, and it would be wonderful to help out someone like this.. giving back is what it's all about.

Amy Voorthuis said...

OMG Keren, you did a lot of work figuring all this giveaways out! Love this post and thank you so much for my prize I'm very happy xox Amy

Rachael Funnell said...

Keren! You are Such a SWEETIE for doing this... & what a GREAT Idea making a post for giveaway's that are going on ATM!!

Sarah-R said...

What a fantastic post! Congrats to your winners! I have a giveaway at my blog too!

heirloomscrapping said...

Amazing post and what a fabulous idea I will give to this

Ella Swan said...

Wow so many giveaways going on at the moment! Thanks so much for advertising for Di too!!