Saturday, May 12, 2012

Polymer Clay Flower Embellishment Tutorial

I used the Polymer Clay that came inside my Scrap That 2nd Anniversary Kit. 

Here are the instructions:
1. Knead the clay, roll it into a ball and flatten it into a pancake:

2. Take a flower punch, or any punch you want (butterfly, leaf, etc)

3. Press the flat dough into the back of the punch. Then pull it out out so it makes an impression like a mold. Cut out left over clay. You can make little balls to decorate around the centre like I did.

4. Bake clay according to package instructions.

5. Once the clay cools down, paint it with acrylic paint. You can match the colors to your project. I used blue and silver to match the colors of the kit.

6. Once paint is dry, cover the embellishment with Glossy Accents to make it shine.

Use it on your layout like this:

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial,


Solange Barreto said...

Obrigada, adorei o PAP.
Um beijo, feliz fim de semana.

Perform said...

Keren, this is such a beautiful embellishment for your gorgeous layout! Thanks for the how-to!

Lizzyc said...

Hi Keren, This is such a beautiful layout and your hand made embellishment is a wonderful original touch to all the gorgeousness.. I have not used the clay before.. so thanks for the inspiration!

Di Garling said...

Ooooh Keren, this layout is DEVINE & I love what you did with the clay. Thanks for the tutorial, I will have to give this a go. Di xo

Ella Swan said...

I commented on this on the ST! blog - LOVE it! Now about your studio, I don't think we are going to do that idea with the photos anyway. I think a photo of our tags will be enough so don't worry about it! I have had a studio in disarray before so I know what you mean! Believe me there is mess in my drawers & cupboards that you haven't seen :)

Lizzy Hill said...

LOVE this tutorial....& that flower is really, really pretty:):)

li-bee-ti said...

The layout is gorgeous and the handmade embellishment is beautiful. wonderful tutorial and I should give it a try.
Q - do you bake it on your cooking oven? is it safe to do so?