Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sketchabilities Design Team- October- December 2011

I"m really excited to announce that I've made it on the Sketchabilities Design Team for my second time and I'll be returning to design beautiful layouts with Karan's Sketches. I'm really looking forward to designing along these really talented scrapbookers. These are the other ladies who made the Team:
Bellaidea vel Aginszka--Canada
Camilla Borossi--Brazil
Christin Gronnslett--Sweden
Erika Tesoro--Italy
Etsuko Uchida--Japan
Helen Tilbury--South Africa
Janice Daquila Pardo--USA
JJ Sobey--Canada
Kay Fatula--USA
Keren Tamir--Canada-Returning
Kim Kendell--Austrailia
Leanne Allinson--Austrailia-Returning
LaQuette Akins--USA

Regina Castillo - Philippines
Mary Ann Jenkins--USA
Margrethe Aas Johnsen--Norway
Mariko Hisazumi
Marina Johan
Michelle Wedertz

Sheila Burns--USA
Valerie Charlot

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Camila Borssoi said...

Congratulations - I look forward to working with you!

JJ Sobey said...

congrats - can't wait to see what you create - I think this is going to be an awesome team