Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I'm Moving!!! --To a new Blog/Website

Hi Everyone!!!
I’m really happy to announce that I’ve moved and started a new blog with WordPress.
It will act as a blog and website together!!
This Blogger Blog will still be here for all my old posts (although I've transferred those as well) but there won’t be any new posts as of August 2017.
If you want to continue following me then please go to http://kerentamir.com and subscribe to me by email. You will receive an email every time I post a project, video or sale.
My official launch is on August 1st so stay tuned for a huge month long giveaway.
Make sure you follow me on my other social media outlets as I will be having giveaways on all of them as well!!
Find the buttons to follow me on social media in my side bar.
Looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you!!


mamablitger said...

Hi Keren
Congrats on your new combined blog / website. You encourage us to sign up to make sure to continue receiving newsletters. I did so but was told I was already on the list. Just wanted to let you know that there must be a misunderstanding somewhere.
Hope you are doing fine dear friend..
Hugs from Monica

smilequotes24 said...

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